Donating Invitations

Donating Invitations

Set our Foundation:

Founders Stepping Stones

Help us change education on purpose so we can reclaim what has been lost.

Our children are depending on us.  

Will you step up to be a founder with a $25,000 donation?  Will you be willing to get our stepping stones set with this donation as a matching grant to spur on other stepping stones getting covered.  We are trusting God for six $25,000 donations.  Will you answer the call to be a founder?

Many stepping stone invitations await. We welcome you and any stepping stone you are being called to.  Thank you for your compassionate, caring contribution.  Every gift and step we take sets SJA’s foundation.

Sustain our Foundation:

Faithful Followers Pathways

SJA is inviting you to partner with us on a specific path of the Sojourner Pathways.  This support more confidentially enables us to sustain the faithful foundation that guarantees many more generations of SJA students.  Sojourners share in the SJA values and mission.  Sojourners are committed to making an annual gift for a minimum of three year of one of these pathways.

Secure Our Future:

Gifts of Assets

Bequests, Securities, Life Insurance & Other Assets

Through a legacy gift to SJA, you can make a tremendous impact on the next generation of children. This gift secures more of what’s been lost in education and what can be solidified with daily worship and discipleship for these young minds and hearts.

We would be happy to work with you and your professional advisor to ensure the gift you are more interested in guaranteeing for SJA. Thank you for including us in your stepping stones. We are honored and will always remember your legacy gift.